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Follow @cheddarvillage on Twitter for tweets from this site. Cheddarvillage is a non-profit site and has been tweeting local news, links and general information covering the Gorge, Cheese Company, local events, businesses, clubs, and organisations, since September 2009. The Twitter feed also includes interesting links and news discovered about issues that affect local communities such as ours – food prices, high street and small business survival, supermarket development, road and cycle safety, parking, care for the elderly, sports provision, environmental concerns, littering, tourism and tourist attractions, general South West matters and so on, as well as news from organisations that Cheddar has links to, such as Longleat Estates, National Trust, and Bristol Water. There is also an additional Twitter feed at @MyCheddar which focuses more on local voluntary and community matters.

The web site currently has no funds for a news-gathering operation of its own and instead curates public feeds and tweets from local organisations, businesses and authorities, plus articles and press releases provided direct to the webmaster. Important news articles from local press are also re-tweeted.

Visiting Cheddar? Have news to share?

If you have a photo on Instagram, Twitpic or a Twitvid or Vine video, or anything else you want to share such as on-the-spot news of a local event or incident, simply mention @cheddarvillage in a tweet about it. Whenever a relevant tweet is spotted we can re-tweet it (subject to site terms and as long as there aren’t too many in a short space of time).  Remember you can also check in to many nearby Foursquare locations too.

TwitterTwitter help

For more information on using Twitter effectively, contact the webmaster via the contact form. This web site also receives a feed of public tweets from the Cheddar area, if you are looking for help with anything, places to eat, clubs, dates, general advice etc. just send a tweet, either

(a) to @cheddarvillage

(b) with a geotag within about 2 miles of the centre of Cheddar

(c) with Cheddar, Somerset as your Twitter profile location, or

and it can be seen / passed on / retweeted to someone who might be able to help.

Somerset general Twitter users:

“Tweets” sent by those listed here may be of interest to local residents and visitors alike. Follow the links below, each one goes to the user’s Twitter home page.

@westoncollege – Weston Super Mare college

@blagdonvillage – just across the Mendips from Cheddar

@CheddarVGazette – Cheddar Valley Gazette

@westonmercury – News from North Somerset, including Cheddar

@SomersetWT – Somerset Wildlife Trust

@visitsomerset – Visit Somerset tourism information

@intosomerset – inward investment organisation for Somerset

@SedgemoorDC – Sedgemoor District Council (district of Somerset in which Cheddar sits)

Follows from @cheddarvillage

To keep the number of tweets seen at this end to a manageable size and stop the feed here from scrolling like a fruit machine, @cheddarvillage only follows local groups and community organisations, news outlets and reporters, council and transport authorities, key local people, educational and sporting establishments, plus the major local businesses, employers and tourist destinations, and some sponsors (which is quite enough)! This means it’s easier to spot and re-tweet important local messages.  For Cheddar-based individuals and small businesses see the list below.

The BS27 Twitter list

The panel below shows recent tweets from selected local Twitter users; individuals and businesses who follow or tweet with @cheddarvillage and who send out locally-relevant messages. As a rule, other than page sponsors, @cheddarvillage doesn’t retweet promotional messages from businesses because it would drown out other news and information. However selected local businesses and individuals are added to the BS27 list from time to time so their tweets appear in this panel automatically. Adding or removal from the list is at editorial discretion, in order to keep the flow of information relevant and local, and not “spammy”.