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So what exactly is a ‘flatshare’?

Simply put a flatshare is when a group of two or more individuals join together to rent a property. In most cases each person has their own bedroom and communal areas like living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms are shared.

Why should I consider sharing?

Sharing is a much more economical way of living than living on your own. You’ll still need a kitchen, bathroom and living room if you live on your own so, by sharing, you split the cost of these rooms with the other housemates. You can also split council tax and bills which helps keep costs down. Sharing can also be great socially as you’ll get to meet new people, sharers often end up lifelong friends.

How do I go about finding a room?

With the advent of online listings sites it’s easier than ever to find a good flatshare. Until recently people had to rely on print adverts in local newspapers to find a room and, due to the slow turnaround of print media compared with online, rooms had often gone before the paper even reached the newsagents. Online listings on site such as Spareroom are updated hourly or even every 30 minutes so are far more up to date. In addition an online ad gives you the chance to add photos, detailed descriptions and even video to your listing so you can see exactly what the room is like before you trek accross town to see it.

Who will I be sharing with?

Pretty much anyone is the answer. Flatshares are no longer the sole territory of students and low income twenty-somethings, today’s sharer is just as likely to be a financially independent professional in their late 20s or early 30s who expects a high standard of living. The average age of flat sharers in the UK, according to a survey of Spareroom’s 400,000+ registered users, is over 33 and rising every year.

Advertisers on flatshare sites include teenagers, families with a spare room to rent and parents whose children have left home and want to rent their room out for a little extra income. With such a wide range of options you’re bound to find something to fit your needs.

Is there anything I can do to help me find the right flatshare?

Obviously you can check all the listings for rooms in the areas you want to live in but it might also be worth placing a ‘Room wanted’ ad. You’ll be able to tell people where you’re looking to live, how much your budget is and a bit of general info about yourself. Many advertisers and landlords regularly check the wanted ads for suitable sharers so give yourself the best possible chance. have some useful tips on placing a room wanted ad.