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Cheddar Village – local events and notable dates

This page is the place to inform the community of local events, and can act much more quickly to publicise things at short notice compared to printed newspapers and leaflets, notices in shop windows or posters on telegraph poles. You don’t need to be a Cheddar-based organiser, as long as whatever you are planning is in Cheddar or the immediate surrounding countryside and thus may be of interest to locals or visitors. Fêtes, public meetings, charity events, shows, or outdoor recreational challenges are typical examples.

See below for information on sending over event details, linking your own Google Calendar, or importing these entries into your own personal calendar.

Click here for the upcoming Cheddar Arts programme.

Click here for BBC Things To Do in this area.

If you know of an event that is not listed here, it will be because nobody from the organisers sent over any information. Please ask the organiser to fill out the form, share their Google Calendar or send over details (see below). For church service details click here. For sports club events and schedules contact individual clubs.

Please do double-check with organisers, as cancellations and changes to events listed below are sometimes not notified to this web site. End times and durations are often estimated.

Importing these entries

You can see this web diary directly within your Microsoft Outlook, other office /mobile calendar software or desktop widgets and gadgets by using this link. It’s a live subscription so your view of it will update when the live version is changed:


Other separate local calendars
Click here to see a list of upcoming Meetups on various
topics around the Cheddar area.

Somerset “What’s On” calendar of  Somerset events.

Get your Cheddar-area event listed

If you can provide event details to add to this page, or manage your own calendar linked from this calendar, it will get picked up by local radio and other news outlets so it’s well worth doing and will get you extra publicity.

If you run a suitable local programme of events that would be of interest to local residents and visitors, why not put your events into a public Google Calendar, share it with, this will notify us it is now available to add to the main calendar. If you keep your events in Facebook, see this post about how to export them to iCal format so the outside world can see them – then share your calendar URL.

IMPORTANT CONTEXT RULES: If doing this, please restrict your calendar to your own events programme only, not including personal diary dates like friends’ birthdays, “meeting Alison for lunch”, holidays, etc. – as all these would then appear in the public web site calendar too! Also your event titles need to be prefixed with your event or business name, so they are in context when listed amongst other local groups’ events (e.g. “Jumble Sale” on its own is no good, needs to be “Rotary Club Jumble Sale” or “Cheddar First School Jumble Sale”).  And don’t show public holidays as these are already covered and will result in multiple entries. 

If you organise or get to hear of many different events, (e.g. news or radio organisations) your account can be given write access to the calendar so you can update it directly – ask via the main contact form. Your events, plus any amendments and additions that you make can then be seen directly on this page. Again the context rules above need to be followed.

Alternatively, for one-off events in or close to Cheddar, use the form below to send over details which will be added manually to the calendar as soon as possible.

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You can also tweet the above details to @cheddarvillage on Twitter for a calendar entry and also a re-tweet of your BS27 area event information.